Ergo Energy

Ergo Energy is one of the leading companies for design, engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance of PV systems in Cyprus.

The company offers a full range of PV technology services and develops all types of photovoltaic systems with its portfolio consisting of large scale Solar Parks, as well as Industrial, Commercial and Household PV systems, of total installed capacity to date exceeding 80MWp.

Ergo Energy provides assistance to clients in order to attain their investment and cost saving ambitions based on its experience with a variety of investors, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Ergo Energy concentrates on efficient turn-key PV energy solutions that deliver sound investment returns, carbon reductions and energy independence by focusing on highly experienced engineers, world leading manufacturers, up-to-date technologies, complete EPC, and valuable after - sales service.

The services we offer include:
• Calculation of annual solar radiation at the site of installation.
• Estimation of annual electricity production per KWp of installed photovoltaic power.
• Electrical drawings of the PV system installation and specifications of materials.
• Economic evaluation of the PV installation per KWp according to current legal framework.
• Advisory support.

The life-long product warranties, the continuous monitoring of production data, systems
maintenance and quick response, ensures the excellent and in-depth collaboration between Ergo
Energy and those who trust our company ‘s experience, know-how and products.


Thessalonikis 14, Ergates Industrial Area, 2643

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